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Recover Right 

Strength and Conditioning 

To actively engage in every part of life you need good health. No single method has proven to be more effective than exercise to combating poor health. It has been shown that those who are in the top 2.5% of cardiovascular fitness for their age group have a 5x reduction in all cause mortality risk (death at any time for any reason) compared to the lowest 25% of the population. With some strength measures like grip strength and lower limb strength in elite population showing a x3 reduction in all cause mortality risk compared to weaker populations. With those who regularly perform 75 minutes of intense exercise or 150 minutes of gentle exercise a week reducing their risk of cardiovascular disease by 35%, type 2 diabetes by 40%, Colon cancer by 30%, Breast cancer by 20%, depression by 30%, hip fractures by 68%,  and dementia by 30%.

Gym Equipments

Physiotherapy and 
Strength and conditioning 

As trained health care professionals who specialise in movement, physical exercise planning and rehabilitation. We are able to effectively assess your current weakness and deficits while teaching you the correct exercise regime and lifestyle choices to improve.

Recover Right and 
Strength and conditioning
At Recover Right we use evidence based outcome measures to assess the keys areas of strength, endurance and function to highlight the areas of your health where you strong and where you may be lacking. Once we've had this discussion with you we look at what treatment regime would fit your lifestyle to improve the markers of good health. 
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