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Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain can impact nearly every aspect of your life. With so many possible causes of shoulder pain, we will complete a thorough assessment to understand what is causing the pain which could arise from a variety of conditions such as adhesive capsulitis (common called frozen shoulder), referred pain, arthritis, rotator cuff tears, acromioclavicular joint conditions, instability, impingement, fractures, bursitis, tendinopathy, SLAP lesions or sternoclavicular joint disorders.    


Physiotherapy and
shoulder pain

Physiotherapists as movements specialists are uniquely trained to assess and treat this complex joint. With such a wide range of conditions and structures that may possible be the causes of your shoulder pain any GP or Doctor would advise/refer you to be seen by a physiotherapist.   

Recover Right and
shoulder pain

At Recover Right we follow evidence-based assessment tools tested and recommend by shoulder specialists and researchers like Ann Cools and Jo Gibson. Once we have assessed and diagnosed the causes of your shoulder pain we will discuss our findings with you and advise you on the best course of treatment for you and your lifestyle through your personalised Road to Recovery. 

Shoulder Treatment
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