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Recover Right

Running injuries 

If you run you know what a boon it is for your health and life. If you have a passion for running you know the frustration of picking up a running injury and having to give up running while you heal. Unfortunately many runners experience their first injury coming back to plague their running again and again. At Recover Right we'll not only treat your injury, but rehabilitate the root causes, stopping the injury from returning.

Sports Injury

Physiotherapy and 
Running injuries

As movement and biomechanic experts Physiotherapists are trained to diagnosis and treat acute (new injuries), sub-cute (On-going injures) and chronic (Injuries that are recurring) running injuries. 

Recover Right and 
Running injuries 
At Recover Right we used evidenced-based assessment tools to diagnosis the cause of your running injury. Once we know the root of the problem we guide you through the rehabilitation progress in an step by step manner via your own personalised Road to Recovery. We'll be honest about your running goals, when you're likely to achieve them, and when will be most appropriate for you to return to running without re-injury. 
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