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Recover Right

Hand and/or Wrist Pain

The hands along with the feet are how we interact and mobilise within the world around us. They help us to complete everyday tasks, maintain our independence and quality of life. Anyone who has suffered from hand and/or wrist pain will know how challenging it is to manage and rest your hand when pain strikes there. 

Holding Hands

Hand and/or Wrist pain
and Physiotherapy 

The hand and wrist is a structure made of many intricate joints and structures that mesh to allow us to complete complex and fine movements with our hands. Physiotherapists are trained how to assess and treat these complexes through exercise and movement. 

Recover Right and
Hand and/or wrist pain

At Recover Right we use evidenced based assessment tools to diagnosis the cause of your hand and/or wrist pain. Once we have diagnosed your condition we discuss your diagnosis, treatment options and prognosis with you using your personalised Road to Recovery. 

Patient with Healthcare Nurse
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