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Elbow pain

The elbow being in-between the hand and shoulder makes it more prone to possible injury. With the hand being the gateway to function and the shoulder enabling this function by providing stability, its the elbows job to manage the two; giving mobility to the hand while helping the shoulder with stability. Its this balancing act along with possible trauma that can led to elbow pain.

Physical Therapist

The Elbow and

The most common causes of elbow pain are a result of overuse, leading to injuries such as Tendonitis (Tennis elbow and Golfers elbow), Bursitis and ligament strains, Physiotherapists as movement specialists are specifically trained to assess and treat elbow pain.

Recover Right 
and the Elbow

At Recover Right we use evidenced based assessment tools to diagnosis the cause of your elbow pain. Once we've discovered the cause of your elbow pain we discuss your diagnosis, treatment options and prognosis via your own personalised Road to Recovery.  

Physiotherapy Treatment
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