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Recover Right

Ankle and/or Foot Pain

The foot and ankle joints are the first sets of joints we start weight bearing on when we walk. If we're experiencing pain originating from these joints, mobility is reduced and it negatively impacts our every day life. If not treated correctly, ankle and foot pain can lead to more severe injuries in other parts of the body due to the increased risk of falling, instability and poorly compensating biomechanics in the lower limbs.  

Foot Massage

Ankle and/or foot pain 
and Physiotherapy 

Physiotherapists are uniquely trained to assess and treat these complex joints through their training and education as movements specialists. With such a wide range of conditions and structures potentially causing the ankle and foot pain, in order to prevent further injury and pain most health care professionals would advise you to be seen by a physiotherapist. 

Recover Right and
the foot and ankle

At Recover Right we follow evidence-based assessment tools to diagnosis the cause of your foot and ankle pain. Once we have diagnosed your condition we discuss your diagnosis, treatment options and prognosis with you using your personalised Road to Recovery. 

Foot Examination
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